August 3,  2020

   Lots has gone on this past month. Times are changing! Not all for the better. Permanent Records will be making some schedule changes, being more evening and weekend focused, at least for the time being, while I cement myself into a new technician position. It's not in the arts, and it's kind of scary - but could be a good move that really does improve my life.  I will never, ever give up audio. But I may have to take a different priority to get myself established and settled for a while.

July 10,  2020

   Since finishing my programming course, I've been pretty fully immersed in working on a new app - details are going to be a secret because I think it's a swell idea and want to not have it stolen - but it brings all my interests together in one spot. Music, audio, video, programming, and web design. 

   I've been working on more hypnotherapy tapes, and some other restoration projects. I may have a big ADR session coming up but will be keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Also in the pipe is an audio book for a good friend - whether I'll be recording it or just editing it will remain to be seen but a fun one nonetheless.

April 5,  2020

   Tomorrow is the last day of my school - I've been taking computer programming for a few months now and I am so worn out and stressed. Here comes the end - it had a high focus on web development but I plan on using this new ability to work on video games of my own design and hopefully make the transition into phone apps that are reference tools.


   I have also decided that it is time to retire my Digidesign 002r, despite it's good quality after the Black Lion audio mod. It's gonna be a Focusrite with 8 preamps I think, I just can't get enough of them :) I miss my ISA 828 every day. And it has been so long since I have had new gear I think it will be very inspiring. 

February 24,  2020

   Happy New Year! I've been doing all sorts of things, not many of them audio. Been working at the Port Theatre quite a bit, less at Chemainus, and playing a lot of guitar. Learning a lot of new music on different instruments (banjo, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica.) And I have been working on 2 video games and going to school, writing soundtracks, wanting to record some new originals but not having anyone around to operate the controls. Trying to manage the ever growing number of children (none of them mine) in my life. 


   I DO have a sweet project transferring some audio for a family, who has recently lost the person who is performing on the cassette. This cassette is vintage and flaking off so I am doing it in sections. The money is not great, but the project challenging. I love a good challenge.