The Falls

It has been harder than I thought to get the actors together. t is currently on a hiatus but this project isn't dead.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!


The Falls is an upcoming film written by Sam Wiebe with help from Andrew Nicholls. It is a combination survival horror film with strong dramatic interest.  CASTING: here is a short list of characters in the script. Filming started on October 11, 2012.


   A family of three [2 brothers and their daughter/niece] set out in a world ridden with zombies and gangs of thugs after hearing about a sanctuary known only as THE FALLS.




Brendan - Male, Caucasian, 40's to 50's. Thin and not very muscular. Father of Alison. Well kept and proper in comparison to brother Alex. Before the "events" that destroyed the world we live in he was successful but gave it up to be a stay at home father. Will do anything for his daughter to keep her safe and happy, even if it means sugar coating the bitter truth that life after the fall of civilization is not all candies and flowers.

Alex - Male, Caucasian, 30's to 40's. Uncle to Alison. Meaty build, maybe a little chunky or stocky but obviously better suited to the world around him than Brendan. A mechanic, he has more real-world skills than Brendan but because of his blue-collar job is looked down upon. A little foul mouthed and bitter.

Alison - Female, Caucasian, 9-12 years old. Cute but head is in the clouds - doesn't really understand what's going on - and Brendan's constant reassurance does nothing to teach her to be aware and/or prepared.

Frank - Male, 40 to 60, has a beard. Frank is a traveler who has made sacrifices to and for his family. He is cautious but friendly. Kind of a next-door-neighbor kind of guy who wants to help if he can but would prefer to avoid conflict if possible.

Larissa - Female, 30 to 40 years old. Fit and muscular. Larissa is the leader of the camp located at The Falls. She is a good woman who knows that sometimes a sacrifice is worth it to save the rest. Perhaps she takes this a little too far...

Zombies - 30 or so assorted zombies!

Marauders - dirty big bearded men, little skinny spazzy men

Prisoners - filthy women and children

Things We Need:

Nothing at this time.

Credits So Far:

Alex - Scott Bastian

Brendan - Rick Meyers

Alison - Teaghan Summerhayes